The Magic of Light and Mirrors for Southwest and Mexican Rustic Decor

One of the most beautiful ways to enhance a southwest Mexican rustic decor is through the selection of complementary lighting and mirrors that use the punched tin technique. These accessories, carefully chosen and placed, can add a desirable glow and needed illumination to any room in the house. Using both lamps and mirrors of punched tin adds to the coherence of the decor.

For lighting, there are several punched tin options, from electric to candle-powered, for the various needs of the typical home, from candelabras for the dining room or hallways to accent pieces for the living room and bedrooms.

One of the most popular styles is the tin punched lantern, both for hanging and for setting on a table. You can choose from the well-known lantern shape, which can be hung or placed flat after inserting a candle, or the simple cylinder. Various patterns of punching can reflect our own particular theme, from suns to flowers to animals to abstract. Handmade and tooled by master craftsmen, tin star lights add a festive and memorable look whether used singly or in multiples.

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