Dining Room Sets – The Family Meeting Place

Dining room sets are more than just a place to eat dinner for many families. They serve as desks for the kids to do there homework or and arts & crafts center as well as a place to hold family discussions. The dining room table is the scene of some of the most precious family memories from birthday cakes to Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. These days there seems to be endless options for selecting dining room furniture. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, color and material options. Around the 19th century dining room furniture took on a different look and feel to more comfortable and functional pieces. Prior to this dining room furniture was traditional were more for looking at than for comfort. Extremely ornate and complicated in design as well as not very comfortable.

Traditionally the dining room was a more formal setting reserved only for special meals while every day dining was relegated to a dinette in a eat in kitchen. The traces back to medieval times castles where the dining room was actually a Great Hall reserved for huge celebrations that included the entire population. No matter the setting over time it is easy to see the importance dining room sets have always played in creating memories.

How to choose your dining room set

Choosing dining room sets can be determined by many factors including budget, amount of required seating, size of room and the design style you wish for your dining area. If you have a smaller square room you will probably want to consider a square or round table. If the room is larger and more rectangle shape you may want to choose a rectangle shaped table to meet the flow of the room. Larger sized dining areas may look more finished with additional pieces such as a buffet hutch or china cabinet. If you are designing a formal dining room that will only be used for special occasions it would be fine to select higher maintenance fabrics and material because they will wear well over a long period of time. Every day dining room sets may work better by selecting lower maintenance materials that clean up easy.

When considering space allocation a couple common rules to consider are:

  • You should allow about 24″ of space for each table setting.
  • If placing other furniture pieces into your dining space you want to allow a minimum of 3′ between those pieces and your dining room table and chairs.
Here are some general rules for number of people that you can comfortably seat for different size tables.

Round Tables

36-48 inch round tables will comfortably seat 4 people.
60 inch round tables will comfortably seat 6 people.
72 inch round tables will comfortably seat 8 people.

Rectangular Tables

72 inch long will comfortably seat 6 people.
96 inch long will comfortably seat 8 people.
120 inch long will comfortably seat 10 people.

Materials for tables can range from wood to composite materials as well as granite tops and metal frame in all manner of shades and colors. Chairs can also range from wood to composite as well as metal frame. Keep in mind that cushioned fabric style dining chairs tend to lead to more lingering around the table and conversation which is well
suited for large family holiday gatherings. Once you decide on the design theme for your dining area it can be relatively easy to find a style, shade, color or material to fit that design style. You can pick a color scheme and then pick dining furniture to match or you can pick your furniture and build an entire theme room design around it.

There is no wrong way of building the look and feel of your dining room.
No matter you design style or budget, you will find that there are tons of dining room sets available to meet you needs. The great things about your dining room is that it does not matter how much or little you have to spend, some of the best memories you will create as a family will be right there around your dining room table. Now that you are armed with probably more information than you will ever Need about dining room furniture, it’s time to go out there and have fun picking out the new furniture so you can start
creating those memories.

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